Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pocket belles de jour

Regarding J's last post, it is true: homegirl loves heels. Despite our shared love for showin' legz, on this point we diverge quite drastically. I have one (1) pair of heels that I got as a gift two years ago that I wear approximately 2x/year and have a boyish penchant for things like driving shoes, topsiders, converse, equestrian-wear, and elvish boots. But true to most girls who came of tweenhood in the late 90s, I mostly wear ballet flats -- this is most likely because I consider the Lonely Doll a significant life/style icon:

Also in Lonely Doll news, Suri Cruise has custom tiny Roger Vivier flats (originally made famous by Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour).

For more information about pocket girls, plz. see urban dictionary (tip via Danish Aziz).

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  1. Does my hapa-ness ( disqualify me as a pocket girl? Confused...