Monday, March 30, 2009

Great Heights

I´m enamored with Aimee Mullins.  Anyone who can serve as a muse to both Matthew Barney and Alexander McQueen merits my reverence. Watch the video and you'll likely agree.  (I'm also really into the Ted Talks, but lectures about militant atheism and marine biology are more than an aside to this blog about style...) 

Her talk explores the presumptions we have about disability, and how the artificial limbs that have enabled her to become a world-class athlete and also a subject for an artist's meditation on form are in many ways no different than the alterations that many people choose to undergo.

As a girl who is about 5 foot 4 in her stockinged feet, I can certainly appreciate changable height. In a sense, Aimee's ability to alter her stature depending on the legs she chooses is enviable. Ah to be tall and willowy!

I spent most of my twenties-in stubborn denial of my height deficit-tottering around on platforms or heels. I surprise people on how far I can walk comfortably in heels.  I keep expecting to come to terms with flats and accept my relative stubbiness...but no...


Instead I chose to hobble myself in the name of added inches, which makes walking on Buenos Aires' shoddily paved sidewalks and rutted cobbles imposible.



  1. So pleased u worked in a plug of ur MILITANT ATHEISM

  2. Best "J" post yet! Being vertically challenged is only a deficiency if you are of the male persuasion. Aint nothin' wrong with pocket girls.