Thursday, March 26, 2009

Short and to the point.

Little known fact: way back in '07, baby J and I first bonded after trying to get away with wearing identical men's shirtdresses to the workplace. The dress looked like this, but SHORTER:

[via rarechic]

We failed, but our passion for extremely short dresses endures. And there's truly nothing like spring to inspire one to push the limits on the exposed leg/skirt ratio. They make you feel crazy!:


But also kind of precious and childlike (nb: this is actually a romper):

My picks for spring*:

*Please note these are not for the workplace. In the new economy, you won't get away with showing any leg at all. I'm condoning these only for intimate social gatherings, muzik festivals, Dolores Park, tennis matches, and sitting on stoops in > 80 degree heat.

[stewart+brown crochet poolside dress]

[stella mccartney for adidas tennis dress]

[insight lightsaber dress]