Sunday, April 26, 2009

And on to fall

Both Clairest and I have turning seasons in mind, but in the southern hemisphere, it's fall, not spring, that approaches. I prefer the winter months for the greater variety of sartorial choices. (When its 90 degrees, layering is obvi not an option.)

Lately I've been pining for a new pair of boots to complete what I've decided will be the Fall/Winter uniform: leggings+boots+tunic+blazer+scarf. Thank you Gwyneth, and your post on uniform dressing that inspired my new wardrobe philosophy:

My picks:

Mike+Chris top

Vena Cava blazer

Robert Rodriguez legging (that is delightfully closer to a pant than a legging...)
Costume Nacional boot
Virginia Johnson scarf

This combination invites endless mediations on the same concept.

Out of uniform, I do aspire to emulate Isabel Marant's vision for Fall:

But thigh-high boots, though appealing in theory, are near impossible unless you have a hyper-attenuated supermodel physique.

The one thing that ties together all possible fall/winter looks is the perfect pair of boots. (Recommendations welcome.)

There is a proper equestrian bootmaker in my part of Palermo that I've been meaning to check out. This place has no fashion pretensions-it's just rows of boots with pictures of horses on the wall. I think I'll go on an exploratory mission tomorrow. More soon...


  1. My grandmother used to have shoes custom made for her when she stopped in Argentina with my grandfather. They would copy anything, and for only $10. Supposedly they did Jackie O's shoes, too. The boots she had made are long gone by now, but I still have a pair of gold leather mules heels with bows.

  2. Ohhhh...if you find a contact/name of this business, please do send along! I bet it's no longer 10 dollars though...