Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Model as Muse

I know that you're thinking that it was a only a matter of time before Clairest or I posted something on the Met's new exhibit 'The Model as Muse.' 'est is more of the model connoisseur, but I've been scrolling through photos of stars all pulled and plucked for the Costume Institute Gala, so I couldn't resist commentary. What is it about this event that brings out the fashion adventuress in normally boringly-clothed celebrities? I deeply appreciate even the 'worst dressed list.' (Or maybe I most appreciate the worst dressed list...)

While we are considering the model as muse, how about the model as blogger? Jezebel breaks down the more palatable model blogs in a recentish post. I'm a fan of Cameron Russel's Funny and Interesting for being casually academic and political, with the good taste and blithe humor of a mixed bag blog.

So does the 'model as blogger' reconcile with the 'model as muse' archetype? Some have said that Kate Moss' success is owed to how much of her career she remained a speechless objet d'art and lovely projector screen for the material desires of her public.

Stella Vine's 'Holy water cannot help you now'

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