Friday, April 24, 2009

Endless Summer: Gidget 'n Moondoggie

All the HOT weather in SF is enough to inspire sweet dreamz of Gidget and Moondoggie, 50s/60s/70s style icons (they're kinda forever young).

The zany adventures of Gidget were made into a film in 1959, but she starred in an incroyable set of novels starting a couple of years earlier. According to the Gidget wiki, "The name Gidget is a portmanteau word of 'girl and midget.'" What's not to love? Seriously though, she's a woman who wore a lot of hats: student/waitress (Cher Papa), teacher (Gidget in Love and Gidget Gets Married), fashion model (Gidget Goes Parisienne), tour guide (Gidget Goes New York and Gidget Grows Up) and travel agent (Gidget's Summer Reunion and The New Gidget).

Anyway, in the movie starring Sandra Dee, Gidget connects up with a gangly pack of surfer bros. Moondoggie plays it cool all summer but in the stunning crescendo at the end of the film, he asks her to wear his class pin. Not sure how it turned out considering there were about a dozen sequels and an off-Broadway spoof called PSYCHO BEACH PARTY, but what a comely pair they did once make.

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