Sunday, February 22, 2009

Modern Luv

Came to blog 'bout Agyness Deyn only to find her in Baby J's last post...twinz! Unfortunately, I'm also having to refer to OUT-OF-TOUCH Vogue USA. Aggy and her boyfriend Albert Hammond, Jr. of Strokes fame (aka GREEN AGGS AND HAM) are front and center in a lurve-themed photoshoot in the February issue.

I tend to think of them looking like this:

But they are so glam and lovely in this Vogue spread. I'm curious about their impulse to be so public with their relationship recently, though. While I was in London, the Guardian published Al's ramblin' ode to his woman; he also features prominently in Ag's recent NY Magazine interview. I'm sure they're kinda just personality narcissists/fame whores--but even still, these strongly-worded declarations seem kinda powerful and bold. Reservations about discreetness, overexposure, etc. aside, it at least succeeds in marking/capturing a moment. The desire to do so is not lost on many these dayz. Love in the modern age, y'all.

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