Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cat Power

Nothing like a pair of kittens to make you feel ALIVE! I spent the weekend at my parents's with the newest Stapletons, Pondicherry (foreground) and Sari. They spend about 40% of their time bounding around, scampering between rooms, sniffin' stuff, and tussling while high on catnip. The other 60% they look like this:

Here's some other stuff they've done. Exhibited a propensity for all-American weaves:

Hit the gym.

Acted less than impressed by David Lipsky's jaunty road-trip portrait of David Foster Wallace.

And advised me as I wrote a letter to Jitendra, my mom's Indian child pen pal!

They're impossibly tiny! Just three pounds each.

Here's a sultry shot of me and one of the little Simbas.

Rock on, little kittens! I wish you many happy returns.

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