Saturday, March 21, 2009

J-P Jeunet, Take Me Away

Chanel is making ANOTHER No.5 mini-movie (you might recall the Baz Lurhmann chef d'oeuvre starring Nicole Kidman, reportedly the most expensive commercial of all time). This go-around Jean-Pierre Jeunet is directing his Amelie muse, Audrey Tautou. The first stills were just released, and it looks plus ou moins like the perfume fantasy version of the Darjeeling Limited.

You might be asking what Chanel is doing making such a costly advert in the new economy! Well, the WWD article goes right to the heart of the issue: "Jeunet’s vision of an old-time luxury voyage is very much in sync with the mind-sets of today’s shoppers." Apart from the general value of escapism, says a beauty analyst (yess), "Despite the economy, consumers’ primary purchasing motivation isn’t price but how products make them feel." That is true. I read the NYT article about the "lipstick indicator," and believed it. However, Chanel No.5 is such an old lady scent that if you are buying it to feel sexy, marketing is doing a number on you.

[photos from women's wear daily]

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