Sunday, August 15, 2010

More digital ramblin'

Come September 2, you will be able to shop Zara online. Despite my pledge to do '6 items or less' in September, this development could be destructive to the minimalism I am trying to cultivate. (Also, perhaps purchasing new all 6 of said items negates the anti-consumerism principles of such a campaign...)

I don't particularly enjoy the process of shopping in retail chains, so I welcome Zara's foray into the online space. I only wonder why it took them so long. Zara is a Spanish company and when I lived in Madrid I remember that they seemed as ubiquitous as Starbucks does here. You couldn't walk a block without running into a Zara, or one of it's spinoff brands - Home, Kids, Homme...and so forth. Also the look turnover is unprecedented -- every week brings seeming truckloads of new wares.

Some other online retail sites I've enjoyed:

-Madewell (all over the retail zeitgeist lately)

-Agent Provocateur (not very sfw, but the best "is-it-swimwear-or-actually-lingerie??" swimwear - comment provocateur!

-Archive Vintage (expensive but very well curated)

(Editor's note**: Though she doesn't wear much black, I picture 'est in this number.)

-Azalea SF: (a Hayes Valley boutique with an eCommerce arm)

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  1. The archive vintage is more like a gifting piece its really nice though it also looks very beautiful, thank you for sharing this info.