Wednesday, July 28, 2010

**UPDATE:** the greatest espadrille of our time

Somewhere between distressed and delighted to discover that MYMU espadrilles (which I'd previously called the greatest 'drille of our time) were on GILT sale today for a fraction of the cost.

I didn't buy them, nor had I ever really planned to, but I've uncharacteristically plotted their brief career -- from appearing in the Wren lookbook (after which I emailed the Wren designer to ask for their name) to following the birth of their website (dutifully checking back til their launch) and becoming crestfallen at their absurd price (somewhere in the $150 range, originally, if I remember correctly). The reason for my distress over their slashed cost at Gilt is that it confirms the sad meditation of consumers today: what are things really worth? Certainly not what they say it is. It's a burden and an opportunity.

I should probably embrace a less consumerist mindset, though, like Jos: she just started the "six items or less" project!

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