Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You See Your Gypsy

These Harper's Bazaar photos remind me so much of the Agnes Varda film Vagabond (Sans Toit ni Loi). The structural gist of both is that a chic female hobo is tracked walking right to left (which is noticeable on film because in the Western world, we read left to right). I think there's an allegory about freedom and counter-culture in there somewhere!

I recognize the model in this shoot, Kim Noorda, because she kept a diary for Vogue earlier this year chronicling a year of treatment for anorexia in New York. Her agony over the program -- having to gain a pound a week or whatever -- objectively seems so silly, but it wasn't, really. She's so frank about it, and also lonely, and working so hard to get to the point where she can, like, eat a piece of pizza. On the whole, it was a good reminder that sometimes the cutest people are the most clobbered upon by humanity.

In other news, little Joscelin is eschewing humanity in her own way in the hinterland of Washington state. She described her run-in with some sheep as such: "shorn, they resemble little hooved and bleaty devils." There's always a life lesson to be learned from Jos, who is a consummate city girl but also a wanderer: you never know where you're going to have to confront your bleaty devils!

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