Friday, June 11, 2010

My Best Fiend

One of the problems with Twitter is that it profoundly confuses my understanding of celebrity. There are way too many levels of it, for one. And these followable people are so much more regularly on one's radar that it's so hard to suss how objectively famous they really are. Case in point A: when I saw Julia Allison at a party in LA, I was hoping someone could share in my perverse thrill, but really no one knew who she was. It was a deeply depressing moment (sigh, to be one those happy people who have never heard of her!). But she's not not famous; there's a whole sub-universe devoted to lambasting her every move!

Twitter also profligates a sense of intimacy with these minor celebs. Take models, for instance! I vaguely knew who Jessica Stam was a year ago but now she has carte blanche to share all sorts of prosaic goings-on and inside jokes with her It Girl-type posse. Her fame is quite puffed up by Twitter, allowing her to be flattered by hip fashion gays for her every move (see above, via logandoesntweet) and just generally be the mistress of her modelly domain. Anyway, she's so cute. Carry on, Stam!

I remember when Twitter was born and a friend refused to follow any individual he didn't know in real life. I scoffed at it then but he might have had the right idea. The bonds of Twitter can be lonely indeed!

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