Friday, June 25, 2010

The architect uniform

Tribes use symbols and markings to identify themselves, project their beliefs and value systems and as a means for creative self-expression. In the world that most of us inhabit these days, tribal allegiances may be more fluid and less visible, but alas, they still exist. I've identified tribe Architect, and have been fascinated by the very faithful allegiance to a signature style. This tribe shares some visual cues with tribe Graphic designer. As I've blogged, signature style, and having a uniform, are good things! What's remarkable about architects, is how little they deviate from the standard uniform. Yes there is variation on a central theme, but generally a style is strongly adhered to. I credit this standardization in dress to long work hours in close contact with other architects. Observe -- you too can identify the architects in your midst from their signature markings:

1. Architects wear black -- either one statement piece in black, or uniform black:

2. If an architect needs glasses, he or she invariably wears these glasses:

Exceptions are extremely rare but Le Corbusier's owl glasses are a brave statement departure:

3. Architects are fashion-forward but demure. They use color strategically. Accessories are minimal. They are notably more minimalist and less on-trend then the fashion crowd:

(suggestions for architect wear from Net-a-Porter's 'Workwear' boutique section)

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