Thursday, March 25, 2010

Interior Life

'est and I became fast fans of Unhappy Hipsters. Oh the bourgeois angst simmering beneath the cool, unfussy facade of modern interior decor! 'It's lonely in the modern world' the tagline explains. Lonely, yes, but smartly furnished.  One might as well lead an examined life with ample counter space and minimalist, vaguely-Scandinavian home furnishings.

I love interior decor. So much that I considered shifting my recent-grad-school-applying energies to focus on interiors rather than architecture. During savasana I like to mentally decorate imaginary apartments. I find furnishing and appropriating spaces soothing.

Next chair by de la Espada

Rug by Flocks

Tray by Freedom of Expression

My goal this summer is to build a table and a lighting fixture! 

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