Friday, February 19, 2010


The blissfully fashion-un-conscious bf had an idea a year back for a virtual closet/e-commerce site. He had the idea developed down to a T--it would be a cross between a social network for categorizing one's armoire online and an online shop, the point being to share looks and cyber-identity build. Target audience: tween to whatever. He could have acted on said idea, but the Polyvore folks did instead.

Headed up by some former Yahoos, Polyvore is my boyfriend's startup dream, plus more. I find that the most apt description is that it makes you the market editor for those fun, claustrophobic pages in fashion magazines that are basically an amalgam of loosely-themed items--the shopper's wet dream page modeled after a trend.

The polyvores call them 'sets', and they appeal to my (somewhat small rodent-like) tendency to horde and collect, and the inner art director with delusions of decoupage grandeur:

My first 'set':

I didn't immediately have the patience to make more sets, probably because, as my recent birthday solemnly reminded me, I am firmly out of the 'tween/young adult' target demo. But it was fun nonetheless. My profile.

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