Friday, September 25, 2009

All you need is LOVE

I picked up Issue 2 of Love Magazine (Issue 1 of which Jos covered) and true to promise, it was so edgy for my watered-down American reader taste that I almost felt nauseous (might have been helped along, though, by the phenomenal 17 bone pricetag).

The theme of the issue seems to be 21-&-under deviants, and it's chock full of provocative pics of:
- Fucked up-looking celebrities's kids (Pixie Geldof, Coco Sumner, the Willis sisters)
- Haunting up and comers (Taylor Momsen, Evan Rachel Wood, Tavi, Sasha Grey)
- Professional toughs (boxers, street dancers)
- Waifish Swedes strewn on sidewalks in luxury knitwear (see bottom image)
- Two kids Bruce Weber met at a diner in the Everglades
- And the most troubling of all tween genres, gender-ambiguous "children of the night" (see aspiring fashion designer, Charles Guislan, above)

All this raw EDGE is offset by a decidedly low-brow element, though. There's an odd interlude about Abercrombie sister label, Hollister and they even had the gall to throw in a Jonii-focused "Disney dream" spread. Even Miley Cyrus petting a horse gets a featurette!

On the whole, a mind-numbingly confusing magazine reading experience. Highly recommend.

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