Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The jumpsuit: talk amongst yourselves...

I wrote an email to myself as a reminder of some recent post ideas whose entire contents read "Mexican blogs, jumpsuits.'

Needless to say I've found a few fashion-type blogs from Mexico that I'd like to share (post soon) and I've also somewhat of a late-blooming jumpsuit fixation.  The jumpsuit is arguably last season's trend that few had the guts to own until lately. Next thing you know it, GAP will have it's own version.

I'm having a hard time applying my critical shopper's skills when it comes to this Alice+Olivia number? It could be horribly wrong (note slightly harem-y pants) but there is something so beguiling about a one-piece pants outfit...I'm sure this justification has led to many a sartorial regret.  
 This, however, is something else. I imagine Diana von Furstenberg wearing this number.  If I were a deeply tanned, be-bangled lady-of-leisure I would probably wear nothing but Missoni jumpsuits...and turbans!

Late-breaking editor's update to post:

I f***ing love this...by Freemont, from RareChic.com.

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