Thursday, April 16, 2009

'Tween Vogue and Teen Vogue

I've always liked Teen Vogue -- it has a certain whimsical and ethereal quality that Big People's Vogue can't really pull off. Undoubtedly this has something to do with Amy Astley, who, as editor-in-chief since 2000, has pulled in some RLY interesting photogs, editors, and stylists, like Arthur Elgort (who photographed the above spread), Havana Lafitte, Tom Munro, Gucci Westman, Nick Haymes...

One particularly apropos collaborator is Bruce Weber (responsible for the above image) -- he did, after all, write a book called BRANDED YOUTH. He's done some profound work photographing free-spirited tweens and tween idols for the magazine, notably the ZEfron and Natalie Portman covers from last year.

I was first introduced to Bruce's work through my cousin-in-law, Theo Stanley, who became his photo assistant after being cast as a young Bruce in a spread back in '98. Theo is now a cinematographer and has since done some cool collaborations with B. I love these "Summer Camp" videos with Kate Moss, Lara Stone, and the Mulleavys. Party sweet!

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