Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another man's treasure

Buenos Aires is an antique lover's dream. A trip to the Mercado de Pulgas (flea market) in Palermo Viejo wasn't productive (in that I didn't find the cheap sub-tropical loungy patio furniture that I'd set out for) but it was indeed a vertible museum stroll through mountains of mostly Edwardian era furniture, and some very creepy odds and ends that resurrected themselves from someone's attic and the 1930's to become redundant and junky again:

This señor (below) is the autòr of the above pieces of decoupaged found objects. He was a sport and posed with a timepiece-encrusted helmet for the photo:

The mercado was spookily empty, and I have to say that I prefer the regular Sunday fair in San Telmo. Clustered around the Plaza de Dorrego you can find vendors hawking costume jewelry, furs, and 1970's sunglasses for mere pesos, and the antique vendors a few blocks away have more rarified finds. I like Bar Seddon for a post-amble cerveza.

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