Saturday, February 14, 2009

MixedUse for the next generation

Expensive vintage can be really annoying if it doesn't have that special/hand-picked feeling. Hence the joy of shopping at mixedUse in SF, which, run by an old Hollywood stylist, was essentially a treasure chest of clothes, furniture, and other cool costumey stuff she collected over the years. *Tears*, it closed last year, but thankfully it named an SF heir: ANICA, which is literally my corner store.

I always speak glowingly of Anica's specialness--it carries just a couple of cool girls' brands (e.g. les prairies de paris, society for rational dress, opening ceremony) and, in the back, a rack of the best of the best mixedUse stuff for the Anica set: short dresses, belts, costume jewels and the like. Non-locals can check out their just-launched online vintage section. Locals can get drunk there, tonight (champagne on account o' V-Day). I kinda like this 'visual illusion' low back dress (would prob break the visual illusion by wearing a shirt under, though).

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