Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Adventures in Retail

I've ventured cautiously into the retail waters in Buenos Aires because so many friends and acquaintances have all characterized shopping in the 'Paris of South America' as some Dyonisian frolic through impossibly inexpensive and style-forward wares. Lest I hand over all my pesos in a frenzy of sartorial lust, I decided to remain calm, prepared and discerning. I am someone who enjoys clothes but despises the shopping experience. Retail centers make me feel nauseous. I'm waiting for the day an online portal can intuit my desires and nudge me with personally curated wardrobes. (I'd happily hand over my personal data, privacy implications aside). Despite the cheap thrill of the hunt, I could live without the placating lounge music or horrid lighting that so many shopping areas employ.


Two places where I've purchased something: Chocolate-a spare, whitewashed Club Monaco-esque chain. I'll have to post a photo of the dress-it evokes Gaultier. And most recently, Desiderata, where I got a pair of linen shorts to be better prepared for 90 degree heat.

You see a lot of color on the streets here; and gladiator sandals and silk hair flowers abound. More notes forthcoming. When my SF half returns from her adventures abroad, check back to hear about street style in wintry London and Paris. Besos!

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