Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's new, Buenos Aires?

I'll admit that much of my passing cultural knowledge of Argentina was ingrained through Madonna's rendition of 'Evita.' That pop cultural introduction to milongas, post-colonial crumbly architecture and romanticized class struggle (along with a healthy appreciation for Malbec and tango-infused lounge music) was apparently enough to convince me to move here, sight unseen. It isn't totally accurate to say that I moved to B.A. because of an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, but it did provide me with an aesthetic reference point. And thus far the city doesn't disappoint. True, I'm only half a day in and running on an abnormal surge of post-international travel energy and exhilaration, but I think that all of the glowing testimonials I've heard should hold true.

I'm off to find an authentic parilla and some red wine to toast my arrival, but until next, here are some of my fav images from São Paolo fashion week:



André Lima


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