Thursday, January 15, 2009

Buenos Aires style online

With my move to Buenos Aires fast approaching (6 days!) I've been reading up on a few blogs by locals to get a feel for the restaurants, neighborhoods, boutiques and bars I'll haunt in the days to come.

As for candid shots of people out and about, Buenos Aires street style seems to have a slight foot fetish (lots of old lady shoes, cute!) and captures a few good early 90's redux and Belle Epoque looks. On the corner captures some interesting casual looks.

Buenos Aires Style seems to have a monopoly on a whole spectrum-from sceney stuff and tips for the expat community, to fashion commentary. (Those droopy trousers first came to my attention four years ago in Madrid-wtf? They traveled overseas!)

Here's a well-dressed gent that On the Corner photographed. Kudos for his commitment to that palette of green, purple and gold! This is how I would like my husband to dress when I'm in my seventies. And I will of course wear caftans and large costume jewelry to compliment.

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  1. Watch out Barney's elevator operators, I think this could be your new uniform!